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About Photographer Stuart Lane


Stuart Lane is just a natural with a camera and with people.

It didn't come about from a book or a training course, it comes from within. 


He has an eye for detail and a dogged pursuit of getting things just so. All great qualities that make him an

excellent commercial photographer, he can create with objects and light but there is much more.....


People are not objects, whether 5 days old or 105 years old, Stuart will find a connection and tease out

the best in people. His creativity will be yours until something beautiful is made.



As you might imagine, Stuart is hands on throughout the whole production and creative process. 

All materials used are selected to marry with his desire to make things perfect.

The glycee prints are produced with the best quality materials available,

designed to last for a lifetime of enjoyment.


Stuart Lane Photography is a quality service that redefines ‘quality’ and ‘service’, it's the only way he knows.


Here are some customer testimonials but this one fact pretty much says it all..... Poole Audi have trusted Stuart Lane to reward some of their most valued clients with a portrait session for the past seven years.



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